Travis Ray Turner




Professional Profile

Travis Ray Turner, formerly of the Harrison Land Office, in Harrison, Arkansas, is the youngest member of a 5-Generation Family Owned & Operated Real Estate Legacy. Licensed for nearly 6 years, Travis Ray has assisted his family real estate business since he was a young child working in the real estate office answering phones and greeting generations of clients. Immersed in the atmosphere, Travis Ray absorbed all of the real estate discussions going on around him and he recognized early on that real estate was his calling. Travis Ray has enjoyed all avenues of real estate: investing, property management, listing, and sells. He particularly enjoys the negotiation aspect of real estate where he can represent his client to the best of his ability to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Travis Ray will continue to practice real estate in North Central Arkansas while he grows his Northwest Arkansas presence. With an earlier focus on income production assets, multi-unit complexes and large land tracts, Travis Ray looks forward to expanding his practices and to continue his Legacy of Excellence with Prime Real Estate & Development.


Member of the Northwest Arkansas Board of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and the Arkansas Realtor Association.



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